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Make it rain…books…lots and lots of books…

Psst…come closer and I’ll tell you a secret. *waiting…waiting…* Okay, come on, stop taking so long to get here. Oh, you’re here. Sorry. As I was saying, I’ve got a secret. Here goes – I puffy heart L-O-V-E reading. I mean really ❤ it. I have since I was a child.

little kids reading

To know me is to know that I’m a happy introvert who loves to tuck away in a corner and read.

tuck away reading

In honor of International Literacy Day, which gives children and communities a chance to rediscover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to education, here’s a collection of my favorite reading memes.

life easier reading


book memes

And a tiny collection of my favorite books.

The MOST important book I will ever read. It goes so far beyond ink on paper (or words on a screen, I read it on my phone). It guides my life.

Bible Live

The book that gave me the courage to admit that I wanted to be a writer.

anne frank

Ironically, the book that encouraged me to see something special in my dark skin and what I thought of as my plain brown eyes.

The bluest eyes

The books that shaped my career’s passion to bring opportunity where there is none.


I have so many more. They can be seen on my Author and Fan and I Heart Reading Pinterest boards.

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How can I not crush on Kane and Jared?

How can I not crush on Kane and Jared?

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Quick Review: Undercover Marriage (Witness Protection) by Terri Reed

Waited months for their story. It did not disappoint. Their love will grab hold of your heart and that’s just the way you’ll want it to stay.


Undercover Marriage

#AuthorAndFan, Christian, Christian fiction, Family, Family Values, Fiction, Love, Love Inspired, Read, Reader, Romance, Romance novels

Quick Review: The Bachelor Next Door (Castle Falls) by Kathryn Springer

As Christians our lives are not compartmentalized. We aren’t God-fearing in church but God-ignoring in our personal affairs. God is organically woven into every aspect of our lives and we don’t push Him out to accommodate or to fit in. Kathryn Springer is a Love Inspired author who seems to understand that – as evident by this book.

The Kane brothers melt my heart. Can’t wait to read Liam’s and Aiden’s stories in the Castle Falls series.



The Bachelor Next Door