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You can’t always get what you want. And that’s not a bad thing.

Life is quite funny.

By God’s grace, D recently found a new career opportunity in NY. What this means is that after six years of what was supposed to be a year of living in New Jersey, I’m heading back to Brooklyn and taking this Jersey Boy with me. His friends think I’m elated. I’m happy, but it is bittersweet.

When I first moved here I was sad and upset at having to leave NYC, but took comfort in the fact that it would be for only a year. 365 days. When it became clear that year would extend to four, I was bitter and disappointed. Thankfully, two years into living here, I was led to my current church – a blessing God knew I needed but wouldn’t have gotten if He hadn’t moved me to the other side of the Hudson. I had been away from God for a long time before that and was slowly (think tortoise steps) finding my way back. God placed me where I could get the support of an uncompromising bible-teaching-believing-practicing pastor and fellow believers to grow in my walk with Him. Fellow believers who helped me move past the guilt of turning my back on God and accept the forgiveness He offered after I came back in broken repentance.

I am happy for this new challenge ahead of us and the opportunity to change, shape and make a real difference in the neighborhoods of my childhood, but I am sad as well. In addition to my church family, my in-laws have made Jersey a home for me. Where there was no true emotional connection to the state when I first arrived, I must say that it now holds a special place in my heart that is uniquely its own. One that even New York can’t ever touch. How can it? This is where D and I started our married life. Jersey is forever tied to those memories.

Some may not believe me, but I am very grateful for the way life turned out. I am thankful that God overruled my wants and led me to follow His will.

Would love to hear stories of how your life took a path contrary to what you wanted but that turned out to be exactly what you needed.

Proverbs 19 21

#TBT from 2011

Same old story, different couple. 20-something Brooklyn Girl enjoys the highlights and pitfalls of everyday single life without care or thought to settling down. Brooklyn Girl meets New Jersey Boy online and thinks New Jersey Boy is funny. She’ll go out with him. Time goes by and BK Girl realizes that Jersey Boy is awesome. She’ll keep going out with him. More time passes and both BK Girl and Jersey Boy realize they want to keep hanging out with each other.

Jersey Boy proposes to BK Girl after a series of comical errors. BK Girl screams “Holy Crap, We’re Engaged!” before saying yes to nervous Jersey Boy on bended knee awaiting an answer.

BK Girl makes it clear to Jersey Boy – “THERE’S NO WAY I’M MOVING TO NEW JERSEY!” Jersey Boy agrees, but secretly wonders if maybe BK Girl doesn’t understand the meaning of compromise.

Jersey Boy starts the search for NY job. And he searches…and searches…and searches. Jersey Boy realizes NY job market is a bust. Makes more sense to keep current NJ job.

Jersey Boy agonizes over how to tell BK Girl that the stress of the reverse commute would eventually cause him to drive his car off the Brooklyn Bridge. BK Girl and Jersey Boy separately contemplate living apart while married – both agree that’s probably not the best idea. Jersey Boy nervously brings up subject of moving to Jersey to BK Girl.

Seeing the writing on the wall, BK Girl makes Mandelaesque sacrifice and leaves the bright lights of NY for the humdrum life of Jersey — at least temporarily.

What was supposed to be a one year stay has now turned into three with one more to go before Jersey Boy can be settled in his field.

With humor, BK Girl tries to embrace her current refugee status while dreaming of the day she can return to her homeland.

Join her on this cross-state journey as she embraces her life in Jersey while still maintaining her New York roots.


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Spring has sprung!

Spring has officially sprung in NYC. Hooray!

Sharing some pics from my weekend of leisure. The Macy’s window display, interesting glass exhibit at Madison Square Park, coffee and fruit in my new favorite writing hideaway and fresh veggies and blooming flowers in the Union Square Farmer’s Market.


How’s the weather where you are?

20150404_142846blow glass frame20150404_142836writing hideaway 2greenmarket 2



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Winter Blues

Snow. Below freezing temperatures. Snow. Below freezing temperatures. Snow….well, you get the point. The only reason I put up with winter is for the joy of autumn. As much as I hate the winter blues, I can’t imagine living long-term anywhere without four seasons.

Thankfully, today we received a temporary reprieve from the below freezing temps. 32 degrees (°F) was never so greatly appreciated or warmly welcomed. And the sun was shining to boot. Yassss! Jesus does love me.

Of course with the warmer temperature came the mounds of snow melting. The foot and car traffic on the melting snow left us with boot-staining slush. As I schlepped through the muck, I couldn’t help but dream of strolling around the Oak Bluffs (Martha’s Vineyard) marina in flip flops, tanks and shorts and savoring a butter pecan ice cream cone. Yum.

How’s the weather where you are? Feeling the winter blues? Enjoying enviable beach-day warmth? Somewhere in between? Any vacation plans?

winter collage

MV Collage 2

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What Do You Splurge On?

I’m not cheap, but I am frugal. And as a frugal gal I never spend more than I need to, especially on items I care little about, which is why I was so proud of my recent $1 lipstick (N.Y.C. 320, Mahogany) purchase. To me spending $22 on a brand-name lipstick when the $1 one does exactly the same seems very silly.

Not so to the makeup snobs in my circle. One practically had heart palpitations when I said so. How dare I sully the reputation of MAC by putting it in the same category as a lowly drug store brand? *Insert shrug* The whole conversation made me laugh. A lipstick is a lipstick is a lipstick…


While I am economical with most things, I do splurge on certain items:

  • Food…have you ever tasted a meal so delicious you were left speechless? I have…and like an addict I continue to chase that high. Luckily NYC is just the right place for it. I happily call myself a food nerd, but please don’t refer to me as a foodie.
  • Pedicures…this is my 45 minutes to shut out the world and just relax. The salon I’ve frequented for years is pretty tiny and can cater to only two pedicure clients at a time. This allows for a peaceful and spa-like experience. Just the way I like it.
  • Traveling…the return on investment can never be measured in dollars.
  • Cabs…sigh…I’ve cut back significantly on my cab habit, but I so love the convenience of hopping into a waiting car instead of waiting for a train or a bus.

Well, those are my splurges. What about yours? What are you willing to spend on?

Splurges all right order frame



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Welcome Christmas!

Now that the opening act (Thanksgiving) has left the stage, it’s time for the headliner to be introduced: Welcome Christmas! ‪#‎BringOnTheLights‬ ‪#‎SpiritOfGiving‬ #GivingIsMoreThanMoney ‪#‎TeamJesus‬ ‪#‎TeamChristmas‬ ‪#‎IwaitedTHISLong‬ ‪#‎PoorD ‪#‎HeKnewBeforeHeMarriedMeTho‬ ‪#‎ITakeBackMyPoorD‬

Tiffanys framed

Tree framed

Tiffanys window framed


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Birthday Weekend Kick-Off!

Carrot and Pumpkin Spice cupcakes at Little Cupcake Bakeshop (pictured) to kick-off my birthday weekend. Well, we had dinner first at Emporio. Food was great, especially the grilled octopus, but the service was subpar. The waitress practically handed us the check during appetizers. No chance to take photos.

Still enjoyed the night, though, thanks to great company.