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What Do You Splurge On?

I’m not cheap, but I am frugal. And as a frugal gal I never spend more than I need to, especially on items I care little about, which is why I was so proud of my recent $1 lipstick (N.Y.C. 320, Mahogany) purchase. To me spending $22 on a brand-name lipstick when the $1 one does exactly the same seems very silly.

Not so to the makeup snobs in my circle. One practically had heart palpitations when I said so. How dare I sully the reputation of MAC by putting it in the same category as a lowly drug store brand? *Insert shrug* The whole conversation made me laugh. A lipstick is a lipstick is a lipstick…


While I am economical with most things, I do splurge on certain items:

  • Food…have you ever tasted a meal so delicious you were left speechless? I have…and like an addict I continue to chase that high. Luckily NYC is just the right place for it. I happily call myself a food nerd, but please don’t refer to me as a foodie.
  • Pedicures…this is my 45 minutes to shut out the world and just relax. The salon I’ve frequented for years is pretty tiny and can cater to only two pedicure clients at a time. This allows for a peaceful and spa-like experience. Just the way I like it.
  • Traveling…the return on investment can never be measured in dollars.
  • Cabs…sigh…I’ve cut back significantly on my cab habit, but I so love the convenience of hopping into a waiting car instead of waiting for a train or a bus.

Well, those are my splurges. What about yours? What are you willing to spend on?

Splurges all right order frame




11 thoughts on “What Do You Splurge On?

  1. I agree with everything! Especially the food, I’m going to spend 8 weeks in NYC this summer studying (I’m from SoCal). Where do you recommend eating?
    I’ll also be turning 21, where should i go out?

    • Oh, that’s fantastic!

      Just a couple of places:

      The Cellar (on 20th and Broadway) – try anything with cheese (they’re known for their cheeses). I haven’t tried it yet, but my colleague raves about a potato appetizer their waitstaff affectionately call crack-tato. It’s very much worth it, he says.

      The Cleveland (in Soho) – the roasted eggplant sandwich is one of my favorites.

      Hummus Place (the one in the East Village is the best for people watching) – I’d eat the hummus fava everyday if I could. Say yes to the homemade hot sauce.

      Ed’s Lobster Bar (in Soho) – love their oysters and the lobster salad.

      Buttermilk Channel (in Brooklyn, Carrol Gardens, take the F or G, actually don’t bother with the G, to Smith & 9th and walk two blocks) – they’re well known for their friend chicken but I also love their mussels)

      L&B Spumoni Gardens (in Brooklyn, on 86th street, near Gravesened. Take teh D to 25th Ave.; or the N Ave. U) – their mozzarella in corrozza appetizer makes me so happy I’m willing to forgive any grievance. The firefighters and cops hang out there. Word of caution: be careful where you venture off as it does get into the not-so-great neighborhood as you walk.

      I’ll make a post in the coming months (before you’re scheduled to arrive) with a more detailed list to answer your questions.

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