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Sausage and Herb Stuffing: Thanksgiving Recap.

Anyone in a food coma? I was pretty good today only eating a single serving of each dish — well, dessert doesn’t count.

Had a lovely dinner (is it dinner when you eat at 3ish?) with my in-laws (♥ them!). Sis-in-law made her amazing mashed potatoes and mom-in-law made her smack-your-mama-tasty pumpkin pie. I made the laughable version of Barefoot Contessa’s sausage and herb stuffing. I was so careful to follow the recipe and it still didn’t come out like hers. In fact I had to add more chicken stock after it baked for 30 minutes because one cup was just not enough. I was very disappointed with the dish but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. It was great to see my father-in-law go for seconds.

Here’s a pictorial recap of my day. Would love to hear about yours, or just about your day if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. This is the WORLD Wide Web, after all, and not just the AMERICA Wide Web. 🙂



Prep Ingredients


Final Dish1

Thanksgiving Table

pie a la mode

mom-in-law's pumpkin pie

oreo cake



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