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Jobs Not For Me.

   So this ↓ happened today.

window washers

window washers

What are you looking at? This afternoon two perfectly lovely window washers – who probably went to work expecting an uneventful day – found themselves dangling 69 stories from the newest World Trade Center building. 69 stories! Like if you took 60 and added 9. That’s 69. Oy! Thankfully the FDNY rescued them and all ended well.

A toast to Juan Lizama and Juan Lopez for doing a job that my digestive system would never let me stomach. Hope you both get tomorrow off.

Here’s a quick list of other jobs that my nerves *usually steady as steel* would likely not let me do.

1. ANY AND EVERY SINGLE job that has to do with rodents – very specifically mice and rats. The mere thought has me shivering with fear and disgust.

2. Coal Miner. Underground, cold, damp and dark working conditions. Getting claustrophobic just thinking about.

3. Sewer cleaner for the tunnels below Calcutta. They lost me at human waste.

4. Anything that requires me to be “on” and performing for the public. Talk about a quick way to destroy an introvert.

5. A clown. I’d be too creeped out to look at myself in the mirror.

What are your “I don’t think I can do it” jobs?




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