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Randy Jackson Syndrome

With his announcement that he’s leaving American Idol after 13 seasons, I can no longer claim Randy Jackson Syndrome as the reason I’m still staying put in my field after 8 years.

Randy Jackson was part of the original regime that included Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest. Randy watched Simon and Paula leave to pursue bigger and better dreams, and while those pursuits didn’t pan out very well for Paula, at least she tried. Randy, on the other hand, stayed put and became less relevant with each new, better-paid and highly celebrated judge wooed to the table. He became the tattered, old pair of jeans whose season had long passed, but you couldn’t bring yourself to throw out for sentimental reasons.

He was the loyal “dawg” of AI. Smiling and giving his opinion even when no one placed value on what he had to say – or on his successful history as a musician, entrepreneur and producer. Looking in from the outside (as I was doing), Randy was the childhood best friend you didn’t have the heart to break ties with, and the one who wasn’t strong enough to end the friendship. A friendship you both recognized had run its course.

I’ve been suffering from Randy Jackson Syndrome for years: overstaying my welcome in my current career field when I should have taken a leap of faith long ago and try something new. Like Randy, I haven’t been able to move on. Is it fear? Partly. Greatly. Whether the fear is of failure, or of success, I can’t say for sure. Whatever it is, I need to find out – or better yet just make a move. I mean, even Randy finally realized when it was time to go and actually left. When will I do so as well?

How about you? Have you ever suffered from Randy Jackson Syndrome?

leap of faith

leap of faith




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