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Man Crush Monday

My first #ManCrushMonday post. To make up for not participating for so long, I’m posting my most significant crushes over the years.

Anyone here on your list? What’s yours?

#ManCrushMonday Over the Years

The heart of my 11 year-old self belonged to Kris Kross. I remember begging my mom for a framed poster (just like this one, if not this one) and crying for joy when she relented and bought it for me.

My crush was on Chris Kelly. Sooo cute.

My crush was on Chris Kelly. Sooo cute.

And then there was Full House’s Uncle Jesse (the always handsome John Stamos). My older man phase. Uncle Jesse singing. *faints* Uncle Jesse singing the love song he wrote for Becky on their wedding day. *double faints*

uncle jesse 1

If every word I say could make you laugh I’ll talk forever…forever…I’ll be so happy loving you.

Fredro Starr as Quinton ‘Q’ Brooks on Moesha was everything my teenage heart could ever imagine wanting in a man: bad boy with a “romantic” streak. Psst…come close and I’ll tell you a secret. Are you here yet? Closer. Okay. *whispers* I still black-girl blush when watching re-runs of Q calling Mo ‘shortie’ – his nickname for her. All that NY attitude.


He had swag before the word was cool.

A high school crush on an older man. No explanation needed with those dimples.



Of course I would fall for the most mature Backstreet Boy. Oh, Kevin Richardson, what you used to do to me. *sigh* I had it bad for him. I thought we’d be married. No, really, I did.

kevin Richardson

The crushes didn’t always make sense. Allen Iverson was a bad boy with b-ball skills. He reminded me of my real life high school crush.

allen iverson

the bad boy

How did I love thee? Let me count the ways. Still mending my broken heart. Matthew, I loved you! I would have been your wife. Why did you marry her?

gorgeous for no reason

gorgeous for no reason

We’ve since broken up but D-Wade and I had a longstanding relationship in my head. For good reason. Look at him. And his skills. Whipped cream on my sundae.

so fine!

so fine!

This one is hard for others to understand but that’s okay with me. I’m tired of hiding my feelings for him.

the attitude tho!

the attitude tho!

I enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane on Day 10 of NaBloPoMo.



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