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In a Christmas State of Mind

<—- this girl here LOVES Christmas. And not for the commercial reasons – although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with exchanging gifts. In fact, I’ll be sharing my wishlist with you in the coming weeks, and hope you will do the same.

While I love giving and receiving gifts, nothing can compare to the true gift of the season. Christmas is such a wonderful reminder of my Lord and Savior’s love for me. He loved me enough to willingly humble Himself to take on human form even knowing the rejection and ending awaiting Him.

Christmas is also for me a time of innocence. A time to happily see the world through rose colored glasses. Where I can get lost in the Hallmark movies of perfectly lovely little towns covered in snow that never turns to slush, and where residents meet at the town square for tree-lighting ceremonies followed by sharing homemade cookies and hot chocolate.

Lastly, Christmas is when New York comes most alive. When we New Yorkers give ourselves permission to embrace good tidings and great joy. To see the world as we did before we learned that we carried the Scarlet J: Jaded. Christmas in NY *especially NYC* warrants its own post, which I will do in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, sharing some holiday cheer with my Winter Wonderland board from Pinterest. 

*If you’re like my husband and don’t want to hear about Christmas until December 1, please do as he does and indulge me.* 🙂




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