Quick Review: The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred

I expected to slog through this book in hopes of gleaning its pages for just enough details to intelligently contribute to my book club discussion. There’s nothing like being proved wrong to encourage humility. 🙂

I spent most of the book incredibly invested in the characters – everyone from the hero and heroine, to the supporting cast. The heroine and her family are reminiscent of the Finch family from To Kill a Mockingbird: complex, courageous and compassionate.

The love story was well developed and nicely paced – at least three-fourths of it. I won’t include spoilers but a major turning point in the hero’s life also shifted my positive feelings about the story.
While I didn’t end the book on a sour note, it wasn’t with the passionate love I developed for it early on.

Still a good read, though.

The Sweet Gum Tree



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