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Helpful tips for revisions and edits.

Timely article as I am in the midst of revising my first novel.

This section was written especially for me today:

When I am drafting, I am in a continual state of rehearsal. Dissecting, questioning. Inventing new ways to test my story. Taking the characters for little rides outside the story. Digging for fundamental truth. I keep the writing rough while I chop the order of events around, concoct new scenes and drop them in . . . Certainly this can be frustrating, particularly when the story is flagging, there are too many unknowns. There’s always a stage where I’m convinced I’ve ruined an exciting idea. That’s why it’s called work. But what comes out of it is intensely creative.

Where are you with your writing? Are you revising a finished draft? Revising as you go along? How is it going?



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